Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well it seems GW may be changing the game again.  Several sources have now made the announcement that GW has or will very soon stop production on their entire metal line.  Now they do have several new metal releases and a few models (like the damn Space Monkey) that aren't even out yet so they are at least making metal a little longer but rumors abound that in the very near future they'll be phasing it out.  Considering the rising price of tin combined with recent laws regarding the sales of metal "toys" that may contain lead and this comes as little surprise.  Right now it's still up in the air what they will replace it with but there are theories.

The first theory is that they'll take what they've learned from Forge World and start making resin blisters.  I personally doubt this for a few reasons.  Anyone who has worked with resin models knows it can be a mixed bag what you get an d how difficult it can be to get things many model resins are toxic.  Resin casting is also a bit of a challenge and seems to be more time consuming and less forgiving.  Finally from what I hear it's probably going to cost them the same as metal.

Then we have plastic which I think is far more likely.  GW has been at the forefront of plastic molding technology and their models are just getting better all the time.  Just in the three years I've been in the hobby the quality of their sculpts has improved.  This would also make their customers happy (not that GW ever listens to their customers but it's fun to dream) since plastic is so easy to work with and a converter's dream.  Plastic is also cheaper for them.  Of course, it's GW so we don't expect them to pass any savings on to us but this would mean better profit margins which is at least good news for the shareholders.  Considering the sales numbers GW released a few months back this would be the first good news they've had in a while and a business decision that will end up making them more money.

The only other mystery is whether they will just make their old models in the new material of if they're planning on releasing several plastic kits to fill the gaps.  Of course most everyone would love to see armies get a box like the Space marine Commander kit, but who knows if we'll have a plastic warboss/big mek or Farseer/autarch box in the future and then what about all the named blisters?  Only time will tell what new addiction we will have come out of Nottingham next.

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