Friday, April 1, 2011

At last!...not quite

Followers of my warp little blog will know I was once an independant retailer.  Now my store has long since closed, but I do still get insider info from time to time that retailers are not supposed to share, but since I'm not one anymore, I could give a damn.  So here it is...NECRONS at last!  Now there are still a few things I don't know but I can address a few things...

First, Phase out is gone.  This alone makes them infinately more playable.  WBB is being changed to work something like a combination between the old rules and FnP.  Basically you'll get it vs any weapon, but it happens immediately.  The orbs, which are now standard equipment make it a 3+.

The Gauss rule is being altered somewhat.  Not every weapon has it anymore, but now rolling a 6 leads to a second roll...a 5+ on that will penetrate no matter what.  If not, it's still a glance.
We'll see some new models, too.  There's a plastic Lord kit with some new weapon options and plastic Immortals 5 a box.  There's also a special character that will make them troops.  The C'tan are still around and will be tweaked somewhat.  There's a few new units, but they haven't given details on them yet.  Still I think we'll be pretty happy after waiting so long for something playable again.  In other news, today is my wife's birthday...EDIT- It's also April Fool's Day.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Jersey General!

    I'd wish you a happy birthday too General, but it sounds like you got it already with the Necron update.