Friday, September 10, 2010

Webcast rundown

Right on the heels of the Dice Like Thunder 100th show milestone, I decided the best way to add to the celebration is to do a rundown of the shows I listen to. Hobby webcasts are a great way to expose yourself to new opinions outside your circle of gamers. They also are great for people that don't get to game often as a way to stay in touch with the gaming community.

Dice Like Thunder- Well, there is a reason they've made 100 episodes. They're a fantastic show. They cover 40k mostly, but have been known to mention other games. The show has evolved through the years since "Miggidy" (yes, he's that geeky) Mack Martin, now of Fantasy Flight Games, started the show up in Chicago. Since then his co-host, "Tricky Dick" has taken over the day-to-day run of the show and with C-swizzy, Dan and the rest of their regulars have become the go-to show for "all things awesome"

Imperial Vox Cast- I actually discovered this show by accident and am glad I did. The California-based group does a live broadcast every other Monday, that is later posted for download. Listening to their archive is well worth it as they've run through every army to give you some idea what you may face or maybe inspire you to start a new army. The real fun though is for the "First Company" or the ones that join in on the chat for the live show. They will engage the chat during the show in a discussion and debate some hot gaming topics, including army composition and strategy. It's a great show for beginners and veterans and should not be missed.

The Imperial Truth- Well, I put this in because I think it's got potential. To date there has been one show so it is very new, but it's off to a good start and has an interesting premise. Bestia assembled a panel of personalities from around the online community to discuss some issues in the hobby. I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for the next episode.

World's End Radio- These guys are a bit more generic, covering other games from GW and a few others. There's lots of Specialist Games discussions, mostly regarding their Blood Bowl league. Honestly I do pick and choose with these guys, but it's because I listen to shows where they cover topics I'm interested in. When I do listen, I enjoy them. They know what they're talking about and are entertaining. Add to it the fact that an Australian accent is somewhat mesmerizing and you have a good show.

40K Radio- Well this is an interesting one. This show was once good. Very good. Aside from not having a free forum, they had a good thing going. People had to pay to become a "freeboota" so i was out. Nothing that everyone else gives away for free should be paid for, but the show itself was what was important...let the paybootas buy their way into the forums. (I am not opposed to supporting a show but with the price they charged, 5 paybootas would likely have covered their expenses so where did all the rest of the money go? Who knows?) That is until last summer when things started changing. The show began to evolve into a shadow of what it once was. They stopped posting shows regularly and started having major gaps where they didn't post anything. Then the hosts started having personal issues that led to the best show they'd done in a year, because the lead host, Spencer wasn't on it (though it was for a tragic and legitimate reason). The next week, he returned and announced that the other hosts would not be returning. That was the last show for a while and when it would return, it brought new hosts and a corporate sponsor (but the paybootas were still it obvious yet I'm against this practice? I gave them a try and just don't like the new guard. There were some really good shows once upon a time, but they are no longer available. We miss you, Scott and Chipley.

So there we have it. That's what I use my Zune (yes, Zune. Deal with it Apple fanboys) for mostly. They make a commute easier to deal with, give you something to do on your lunch break and provide a soundtrack to painting and gaming sessions and add some depth to our hobby.

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