Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Empire begins

After lots of debating, I've decided on building a force to represent the League of Ostermark. My first army was Vampire Counts so it makes sense that my Empire army comes from the territory first attacked by the von Carsteins. Aside from me running Handgunners, which are considered an expensive unit for a poor region, my army plan fits the fluff pretty well, too. I want to bring lots of magic so choosing the home of what used to be Mordheim and its abundance of Wyrdstone makes sense. The army as planned represents Ostermark's last great army, sent to react to whatever threats come next to this battered region. I have just enough models for a 2000 point army as follows, so not only is it a decent start but I think will make a nice base to expand on later.

General of the Empire-Barded Warhorse, Armor of Destiny, Ogre Blade
Wizard Lord of Life-Talisman of Preservation
Captain-BSB, Armor of Meteoric Iron
Battle Wizard of Death-Lvl 2 upgrade

30 Swordsmen-FC, Wailing Banner (because I think terror causing state troops will be funny)
2X20 Handgunners-Marksman with Long Rifle
7 knights-FC

2X5 Pistoliers-Outrider with Repeater handgun

2 Great Cannons
Helblaster Volley gun

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