Sunday, September 12, 2010

Combat Report-1750 point 40K Tournament

Yesterday was the monthly 40k tournament at my local store. I brought my most capable and competative army, my Chaos Marines. My list was as follows:

2X Demon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime

4 Terminators including champ with twin Lightning claws, 2 combi meltas, 2 power fists, Mark of Nurgle

3X 7 Plague Marines including champ with Power Fist, 2 Melta guns, Rhino with Havoc Launcher

3 Obliterators

Defiler with Reaper autocannon and extra CC arm

There were 10 players which is a decent turnout for them. There were 4 CSM players, myself included. One was mostly Khorne, one brought Thousand Sons (my friend..and he left his Rhinos at home...he came in last place) My Nurgle and one with a very nice Alpha Legion army of undivided troops. There was also an IG player, two Tyranids, an Ork and two Space Marines. It was a three game tournament using the main rulebook scenarios.


The first game was a random match up so I got one of the bug players. It was a 5 objective game with Dawn of War deployment. His army had 2 Tervigons (1 HQ, 1 Troop) a few broods of little bugs, a Trigon, a shooty fex, a larger squad of Warriors with bone sword and lash whips and 2 units of one biovore each. I got to place 2 objectives, one left and one right near my board edge and he put his three in a line by his. I put a Rhino and one prince up my left flank poised to capture the objective in that corner and he put the HQ Tervigon and a brood of little bugs on the far right objective and his troop Tervigon near the center of the board. Turn 1 his troop Tervigon spit out a huge mob of bugs, but rolled doubles so it was done. He moved his Trygon in from the edge toward the far left objective. One biovore came in near the far right objective and everything else moved in near the center of the board. I rolled a rhino on my near right objective and parked it there for the game. My third Rhino came up on my near left objective and parked there for the game. The other prince advanced on my left to support the other one and the further Rhino. I needed this objective to win so I threw a lot at it. My Oblits came on in the center to have firing arcs across the board and the Defiler came up on my right to blast off his bugs on it. My advanced Rhino was destroyed by his shootyfex and the troops that came out eventually would fall to a combined assault by his Warriors. I dropped my Termies (who came in too early) near his HQ Tervigon to try and do some damage to it with my combi-meltas who missed. By the end of the game I had 2 untouched Plague Marine squads parked on my objectives, and he had the far right one held tight. The middle objective was the key. He had a small brood of little bugs near it and the Troop Tervigon just outside 3 inches. He's finishing his shooting and he ALMOST forgot to run it. Had that happened, I had a defiler ready to splatter the small squad and leave me with a 2 to 1 victory, but as is we tied. It was a good game.

The second match was against the impressive Alpha Legion player. He had 2 CSm squads in Rhinos, 2 lesser demon squads, an undivided prince, 2X2 Obliterator squads, a 5 man Termie squad, a dakka pred, some chosen with a melta gun and a bike squad. It was 2 objectives and spearhead. I put one Rhino on the objective with the Defiler and a Prince nearby while everything else went in the middle of my long table edge to push for his objective. He had a rhino, the dakka pred and one oblit squad on his objective and the other oblits across from my advance force. The rest was in reserve. Turn one, he popped one Rhino and the squad inside spent the rest of the game doing nothing. I pushed around the edge, hoping to hit his flank. He took some pot shots at the Defiler, blasting the cannon off. Then his reserves started coming in. He got the termies and a demon squad. The demons had to go near the only mark on his objective and the termies dropped near my guarding prince, but failing to hurt him with their shooting. Then I got my termies who scattered far enough from his objective that they'll be dead before doing much to it, but instead reduced the pred to a weaponless, immoblized hulk. By turn 5, his push with the reserve bikes and Rhino had stalled short of contesting and my advance Prince was sitting on his objective for a VICTORY! ...until I rolled to see if there would be a turn 6 and there was. He took the last wound off that Prince and i destroyed his advance. Not only do we both hold our own objectives, but we also had the same ammount of kill points for a full draw. Again a good game, and against a well-painted and converted army so it was extra fun.

Game three was against the other bug player. He had a Tervigon, a big block of Warriors, a few smaller bug broods, 2 Biovores in a single squad, 2 Hive Guard, a winged Hive Tyrant, Genestealers with a broodlord, a Mawloc and a Trigon. I finally got to go first for this, annihiliation with pitched deployment. I did what my army does best and castled up. My shooting turn 1 was decently effective, nuking the warriors to take out his synapse on that flank while shooting up one of the small bug groups that didn't run, but did end up lurking. I felt I was doing really well...until I realized half his army was still in reserve. He started bringing those on, having the Genestealers pop a Rhino and eat a prince eventually before dying to a squad of Plague Marines. Again my Termies came on a bit earlier then I'd have liked, but they did some damage before dying. We went to turn 6 and I was up by 2 points, but I had 2 that were mine the next turn. My prince was bearing down on the biovores and I had a full Plague squad against 4 little bugs, but again the dice said no and the game ended there. This was a great game and I really liked my opponent, too. He got my "favorite opponent" vote and ended up winning that prize.

I ended up in 4th place, which isn't too bad all things considered. I was a bit disapointed that twice the variable game length affected my turnout, but I love close games. It's no fun when I destroy my opponent and certinly no fun when he destroys me. As for sportsman, it was a 4 way tie, with me in the running and one vote to be cast. My first opponent was the deciding vote, but he had also played my third opponent, so I'm not surprised he got the vote at all. At the end of the day, I see it as 3 great games in a day so I had a good time.

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