Friday, January 9, 2015

Admiral on deck!

It's been almost a year since I poked my head in here and what a year it's been.  Games Workshop has continued to do everything they can to destroy their fanbase and other games have expanded as a result.  Of course that's another rant that may or may not appear here.  I want to talk about one of the two games I've been working on, Firestorm Armada

I got my hands on a good sized fleet almost 2 years ago used at a local store.  It wasn't my first choice of fleet, but the price could not be beat so I went for them.  I started painting them and figured I'd get someone to play eventually.  A few guys in my local store said they were kind of interested in it so we'll see.

Fast forward 2 years and I'm at Mechanicon.  Friday night I play a demo of Epic (I'll touch on this later) and they point me to the forum for the refugees of Epic after GW dropped it.  I post on there a few times and get a message from a local gamer and after talking a bit it turns out he knows some Epic/FSA players in the area.  I meet them and get my first game in and I'm hooked.  3 days later the Facebook page of my usual gaming haunt posts FSA pics...apparently there are now several players (mostly 40K guys looking for a game that has at least some balance and a company that at least notices it has a community that plays its games, which Spartan does)

So as an introduction post, what have I done so far?  Well right now I have an OK 1000 point Relthoza fleet.  It's the old models, but I like them just fine.  The Relthoza are an arachnid species that generally keeps to themselves.  They're loosely allied with the "Bad Guys" in the Firestorm galaxy, but that's largely for sake of convenience.  They're in a spawning period which makes them kind of feisty so they picked a side in the larger conflict going on around them.  I've quickly learned that they're a tricky fleet to start with and have a steep learning curve.  I already have fleet two picked out and hopefully will start investing in them too.  Oh yeah, another great thing about this game...for the cost of one GW army, I can easily build 4-5 competition sized fleets.  Add to that free rules and I'm really liking Spartan so far.  They've got a good game that's fun and well balanced.  I'll be playing this much more in the coming year.


  1. Welcome back, look forward to hearing more from the General, err, Admiral. Jaded Gamercast frequently has episodes/parts of episodes devoted to FSA.

    1. I've caught a few. They are good. The only bad thing about my new job and the shorter commute that came with it is I don't have as much time to listen to podcasts as I used to.

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