Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Warstore Weekend Finale: Mechanicon Day 2

Back again with the end of my long-winded report on Warstore Weekend.  I'm just happy that I'm ending my write-up in the same month as Warstore Weekend.  Games 5 and 6 were on Sunday and after going 0-4 Saturday, my luck was bound to change...right?

Game 5- This time I took on a well-painted Draigo-wing.  This guy got creative and had no reservations about calling his army cheesey.  Every knight had a cheese name.  The whole army was Draigo, a librarian, 2 squads of Paladins and a vindicare.  The mission was kill points basically.  Since his whole army was 5 kill points, I had some work to do.  I castled up near the middle of my side while he set everything on my right in the corner.  He kept Draigo's unit together and split the other one to deep strike (6 kill points now).  I infiltrated the stealth suits as far forward as possible.  I got first turn and opened up with the stealths, dropping the vindicare and earning first blood for my trouble.  Draigo's squad ate basically everything else I had to throw at it.  I might have killed one Paladin.  That's basically how the game went from there.  His combat-squadded units came in and I eventually managed to take them out.  I had one turn where I killed the closest model and the next one was Draigo.  He ate so many wounds, and I managed to put some hurt on him, but the game ended with him on his last wound.  I killed 3 units, took linebreaker and first blood but he did enough damage to me to more then even the score.

Game 6- Here we are...0-5 and facing another CSM army with some demons for support.  He had a codex demon prince with wings, a big blob of noise marines with Lucius the Eternal leading it, 2 oblits in a squad, 2 rhinos with small noise marine squads in them, a squad of demonettes, a hellturkey and 2 vindicators.  He rolled his demon gifts and his prince didn't get much...just it will not die, an extra wound and a 4+FnP.  This was the 5 objective mission.  I placed 2 on my left that I planned to deploy the bulk of my army on and the other across the field in a forest for my Kroot to try and snag.  He placed his 3 as close to each other as possible.  He castled up on those and sent the rhinos on each flank toward my objectives.  We flipped the objectives and his 3 were the good ones.  Oh boy...  He happened to deploy his prince and my first priority was to nuke him.  I moved one devilfish toward the far left objective, the other to the far right and brought the Hammerhead to bear on the prince.  I'm so glad they lost eternal warrior because he ate a rail through the head.  That turn I destroyed a rhino, one vindicator, doubled out the prince and killed half the squad from the dead rhino.  His turn he took some pot shots, and that's it.  Turn 2 my kroot came in and took the right objective while I killed more of his army piece by piece.  My commander deep-struck behind his second vindicator so that went away.  I kept away from him at this point and took shots as best I could at the big blob but they weren't going anywhere.  His demons took his second objective and what remained of the second rhino squad took his third where I had my 3 locked down.  Thanks to the bonus objectives, first blood and linebreaker I managed to tie it up.  Whoo! 0-4-1!

This was a fun event.  All my games were close and just a blast.  The mandatory painting helped because having 2 painted armies adds to the game for me.  I definitely plan on coming back next year...and hopefully winning a game.