Saturday, November 9, 2013

The WarStore comes to NJ part 2: Mechanicon Day 1

Game 1:My opponent's Vendetta bearing
down on my Stealth team
Saturday started early.  Very early for a Saturday, thank you.  I was back at the hotel at 8 AM for the first 3 games of Mechanicon.  This was my first GT so I was excited.  I intended to get my teeth kicked in, but 5 games in 2 days are fun, so I was ready to rock.

My list:
I took my Tau out for this one and built a list to have fun, but still hopefully put a little hurt on.  I had a Crisis suit commander with missile pod, Ion Blaster 2+/3+ and FnP and he had 2 MP/plasma suits with him.  I had a 4 man stealth team, 2 squads of Pathfinders, a squadron of 2 Fusion Piranhas, 2fish-mounted Fire Warrior squads, 2 Kroot squads, 2 2 suit railside units with Skyfire and a Hammerhead with submunitions.  Of course all my vehicles had disruption fields because a 4+ jink makes them damn-near unkillable.  I think I lost a Piranha and a Devilfish in 5 games.

Game 1: I started the game against a very well-painted Vostroyan army that had some very large Forge World cannons with him.  We both castled up and went at it.  We were both pretty static so we just traded shots all game.  There were objectives on the board so I did send my fish after one while the Kroot camped another.  He threw his big guns at the Kroot and Railsides and the Kroot vaporized.  He managed to get one Railside unit off before his Vendettas came on...and the remaining one proceeded to almost completely whiff, knocking off a hull point only.  The game came down to the wire but in the end, I just didn't have enough firepower to shake him off his objectives.  Lost by a point, but my opponent was cool so it was fun.  I ended up talking with him off and on the rest of the event.

Game 2: Yeah these are no fun
Game 2: This was the only net-list I faced and it was not pleasant at all.  The picture is his Screamer star.  If you don't know what that means, be happy.  These Tzeentch-spawned bastards are just unkillable and throw an ungodly amount of shots out.  Everything he looked at died.  He was a decent fellow, but it's never fun pulling off models by the handful unless you're an Ork not even then.  I made a mad dash to sneak a tie by rushing the central objectives, but we rolled one more turn and he pushed me off them again.  It was another close loss, but I was now 0-2.

Game 3: Fire Bad!

Game 3: This time around I pulled a CSM player with a nice Word Bearers army.  He had a lot of Marines, a Nurgle biker squad with a lord in it.  An Aegis, a Predator and a Heldrake.  Out of the gate, I threw a ton of fire into the big squad of Nurgle bikers barreling toward me while pushing a Devilfish up the opposite flank with the Piranhas.  I deployed the other FW squad on foot around my objective with one squad of Kroot and both Railsides.  The other Kroot outflanked, but when they came on, they didn't have much to do besides slowly die.  I did damage, wiping out the bikes and taking the lord to one wound, but I couldn't kill him.  He came up with the lord, who had the Burning Brand and the Heldrake when it came in and basically barbecued me off my objective.  I lost the advancing fish and the squad from it so I had no chance to take his either.  He managed to drive me off mine in the lat turn.  It was another fun game against another great opponent, but I ended the day 0-3.

"Rat-dar" Kill Team

To try for something better, I went to that evening's Kill Team tournament, this time with my own Ultramarines.  It was a quick 3 rounds and a lot of fun.  The first game was against a very well-painted mob of Tau that just threw a ton of fire at me.  I ended up with a close loss.  Round 2 was against a small clump of Plague marines.  I wish I could roll FnP as well as this guy did.  I think I pulled this one off...but it was close again.  Round 3 was against an army of "Rat-dar".  She was somewhat new to the game and I guess didn't realize that when you only have a 5+ armor save, rushing headlong toward a squad of bolter-toting marines, you should hug terrain.  Basically everything I shot at died and I won this one.  I'm already thinking of what fun Kill teams I can bring later.  Big thanks to Mike from Berks Gaming Club for running this fun little event.

When I return day 3 of the event and Day 2 of the tournament...Will the General get a win?  Tune in to find out...

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