Friday, December 21, 2012

40K Holiday bonanza part 2

Back for Part 2 of my gift giving to the forces of 40K...

Imperial Guard – Sorry, guys. You did your part to ruin 5th, edition too so you get coal and this one was a no-brainer. The Vendetta goes up by 25 points. An AV 12, 3 hull point flyer with 3 twin linked lascannons is just way too good to cost so little. It’s the unit all other flyers are compared to and they pretty much all fall short. The only one that compares favorably is the stormchicken, and it rightly costs over 200 points.

Necrons – The last of 5th edition’s new hotness that hinted at what would be awesome in 6th edition. You waited so long for a new codex…were basically unplayable for 3 years and now you’re an army of insanity. You have to get coal, but again justified coal and not unreasonable coal either. That damn croissant of doom can’t be a dedicated transport for any troop choice. Having 7 flyers on the board at once is nuts, but it’s also not much fun for either player and if you look at the rest of your codex, there’s some really awesome stuff in there outside what’s broken. Think outside Cron air and you’ll probably find an army that you and your opponent will both have fun with…this is a game, right?

Orks – We’re back to tough ones again. Orks do pretty well in 6th. Horde is good, they got some great flyers and the fact that shooting sometimes needs 6’s to hit really didn’t trouble the green tide much. The change to fleet made the WAAAGH a little less effective, but still decent. Pretty much the only thing that hurt Orks is the loss of the initiative boost to Furious Charge, so here it goes…on the turn you WAAAGH!, any units that assault also get +1 Initiative. It’s once a game so not really broken, but it makes that one turn very entertaining and brings back a bit of strategy to the WAAAGH!

Sisters of Battle – Oh where to begin. I didn’t want to give anyone a book and I stick to it, but the fact that you don’t have one at all anymore makes it very tempting…the fact that your White Dwarf semi-codex sucks makes it even more tempting.

Space Marines – Good old Space Marines. Space Marines have a really decent codex. That is, until you compare them to the Space Marine+ books that came out after them. Once you see that those books all got a decent boost over regular marines with losing very little and you see why I’m bitter. There are lots of little tweaks I’d like to see, but one thing has bugged me for a while so I’m going to fix it. You pay more for your devastator squads then any space marine army does for their equivalent, so to validate this, your missile launcher Devestators get Flakk missiles free.

Space Wolves – Well…you guys don’t need any boosts at all. You’re a good army. You really don’t deserve coal either. Long Fangs are still stupid cheap for what they do, but that isn’t quite as horrible as it used to be…Grey Hunters, too but MEQ lost some bite when Razorbacks became a fragile free victory point.

Tau – Again, I’m not giving new codexes to anyone. Mind you you’ve needed that for about 5 years now but 6th did make you guys much better overall. I think I’d give the Devilfish a point reduction. It’s a great transport, but it’s just too expensive and I’d like to see the return of the fish of fury.

Tyranids – Big bad bugs. For Tyranids, I give a friend. Nids can ally with IG. ONLY if the main force is nids and IG are the auxiliary force. This is tro represent the small group of Genestealer cult followers joining in a fight and the bugs tolerating their help before they’re eaten with the rest of the population.

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