Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Look what I got...

Well, a few weeks back Bell of Lost Souls and Spikey Bits ran a contest through their message board.  The winner got $400 credit at Spikey Bits online store.  Well, it turns out I won, so here's what $400 can get you from Spikey bits

So what did I get?  Well...
4 boxes of Warriors of Chaos
Warriors of Chaos Army book
Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariots (to convert into warshrines)
2 boxes River Trolls
Empire Demigryphs
Empire War Altar
Limited edition Empire Beast Wizard
Empire Army Book
Vampire Counts Army Book

The other prize I got recently, that I owe a long overdue thanks to is this big bad beastie that now will provide my Chaos army with some cover.  An awesome scratch-built Titan from Scratch Built 40K.  Here he is, pictured in a position of honor among my existing Chaos force.  I will be fielding it at Orkfest here in Jersey in a few months and look forward to using it to liquify my opposition.

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