Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gaarr! Change! No want!

So 6th edition rumors are on the rise and with them comes the typical internet rage-panic.  Every time there's a new possible rule change it's followed by the outcry of those vowing to rage-quit and bitching that this will doom the game.  For those people I have 2 things:  1. Change is good because the current state of the game blows and 2. these are RUMORS.  Until we have the actual book, people need to calm the hell down.

Personally I look forward to the new edition.  I'm so sick of the instant win armies in 40k.  This game isn't fun when you look across the table and see someone pulling Grey Knights, long fang spam or vendetta/veterans out and going "Oh least I'll be home early"  If the game becomes more random, we'll have exactly what we did in Fantasy...a bunch of bad armies got better and the top armies got nerfed just enough to give the closest thing to a level playing field we've seen.  Ask a Dwarf player how awesome randon charge distances are.  Ask a Demon player how much some of the changes sucked and he'll say "Yeah, but I adapted".  The weak and pathetic who could no longer instant-win rage-quit and we were happy to see them go.  There are still some power builds (Hydra-spam to name one that brutalized me lately) and bottom armies (Wood Elves still suck...sorry) but the playing field is much better then it was 2 years ago.

I hope the changes get rid of all the WAAC-jobs.  I hope they take one look at the new book and just start crying.  "You mean my no-thought no-tactics unbeatable army list won't work anymore and I'll have to actually play the game?  and there's a possibility I may lose?!?  WAAAAAA!"  These bastards are a blight on the gaming community and should have gone extinct a long time ago.  Don't get me wrong, I like winning and I want to win every game I play, but if one guy wins by turn 2, no one's having fun and isn't that the point of playing a game?

At the end of the day, we won't know until the new book drops.  Since GW is so vocal about their upcoming releases, it could be out tomorrow and they didn't tell us or these rumors could all be a crock and 6th ed is still another year out.  When the book drops, we'll see what happens.  Until then, why worry?

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