Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ork update

As Orkfest approaches, my Waagh is getting close to being finished. I have 15 boys, 3 kans and 5 lootas left and I'm done. I haven't based the boys yet but I have my nobs and bikers, so here they are. First my Warboss on a bike. He's mostly from the biker kit, with some bits from the Nob box (which is awesome for random Orkiness). He's being run with the standard Klaw, Cybork, Bosspole and the "attack Grot" hanging off the pole. I don't have a squig but I figure if you shake up a grot, give him something pointy and whip him in an enemy's face from the back of a speeding bike, you get the same result so there's his +1 attack.

The boss rides with 5 Nobs, including the painboy. These are again largely a kitbash between the Nob box and the Bikers. 3 came from a Battleforce and had a base so those went to the boss and 2 nobs...the others ride on the table until I decide to get them bases too. The squad has Cybork, 2 Klaws, one Klaw carries the Waaagh banner, one big choppa and one base rider. If I ever decide to add to the squad I still have other options to keep playing the wound allocation game but for now, here's the army's big bad hammer. I point them at what I want to die and off they go.

I also run a squad of Nobs that are for now mounted in a trukk. I have a metal Painboy in there, one Nob from Black Reach and the rest come from the Nob box. They don't yet have a Waaagh Banner or Bosspole, but a Klaw will get the Bosspole and a Big Choppa gets the Waaagh banner. They have 'Eavy Armor and Cybork. I have 2 Klaws, 2 Big Choppas, a Combi-Skorcha and one with just a Slugga and Choppa.

And finally, their Trukk, showing off what I think is some decent freehand checks. I have lots of cheched shoulder pads mixed in the army. Yes, despite me only posting fast stuff I am pretty much a Goff warband. the 90 boys on foot should proove that. I may run some deffcoptas, but most of this army just advances through the fire, with a KFF to get them there, then eats whatever gets in the way. I can't wait to field them and I look forward to Orkfest.

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