Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orcs and Goblins

So partly because it's awesome and partly so I can scoop a certain "news" board that may post about this in a few weeks (you know who they are...) I want to address the new Orcs up on GW's site today.

First the Army book. It's nice to see GW finally acknowledging that color exists and a hardcover book that hopefully will last more then a week. The price is GW high but not bad considering the source. Of course this is before this year's annual price-gouge but I'm excited to see that GW has finally discovered the infinite value of Kinkos.

Next is the Arachnarok Spider. This thing looks HUGE and is another amazing plastic model from the industry leaders. Add price-bitching here, but otherwise this is a winner. I can't wait to see the rules for this beast and then to aim a few cannonballs at it.

Then we have the Savage Orks. This looks like it will be fun. I see tons of bits for customising which I think is awesome, but again $29 for horde models? This is why people should NEVER buy at GW retail stores. Go online and get these for a bit closer to what they should cost. This basically goes for the Boar Boys and Shaman, too.

The Whirling Death really doesn't seem to have any purpose as they're a re-release of older fanatic models and there's really nothing wrong with current models.

Overall, I'm interested to see to see where the greenskins end up. Not only is this the first new Army book in a year but also the first 8th edition book so we can see what to expect in the future. Will the new books be balanced or will they follow 40k's established pattern of releasing a codex that's even more broken then the previous one? Only time will tell.

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  1. I disagree with the "codex creep" idea in 40k. I can't tell you how many players complained about Tyranid nerf, and the Dark Eldar are still as squishy as ever. In addition, the Space Wolves are arguably the best codex, and they have been out for a long time.

    "Codex Creep" is a perception, nothing more.