Monday, July 1, 2013

After-Action report - 1850 Tournament

In my usual prompt fashion, I'm going to talk about last week's tournament at the Gamer's Realm in Hamilton, NJ.  My Tau aren't ready yet so I borrowed a few models and brought my Necrons.  I got to play 3 games in a row so it was a good day.

My list had a kitted out Overlord as my warlord, a Destroyer lord, 2 Lords (Necrons have a lot of lordly models) a Cryptek with Veil, 3 Wraiths with whip coils, 5 Destroyers(2 heavy 3 not in one squad), Scarabs, 2 squads of Warriors, 1 squad of Immortals and 2 Annihilation Barges.  The Lords had res orbs and hung out in the Warrior squads and the Overlord dropped in with the veil Cryptek in the Immortal Squad.  The Destroyer Lord zipped around with the Wraiths.  The Scarabs were a general nuisance/distraction.  Everyone who could take them had Mindshackle Scarabs which I love by the way.  It was a 3 game tournament with modified standard missions and a scoring based on one of the bigger tournaments (I don't know which)

My first match was against a new opponent that brought Dark Angels and IG.  Thi was my first taste of DA so it was interesting.  Highlights of his list include a blob squad with Azrael for the invul save, 2 bike squads, a small tac squad on foot and 2 Vendettas in a squadron.  It was Kill points.  I castled up with the bulk of my army to my left.  One squad of the Warriors was right with the Scarabs to serve as a flanking unit in the hopes of pulling him out of position.  The Barges were also on the right to avoid what little long-range fire he had on the board.  He marched the blob up and kept the bikes nearby, slowly moving them up, too.  I refused the left flank and moved the Scarabs up.  Turn 2 no reserves came in and I opened fire on the blob, doing little, but killing a few key models due to positioning.  The Barges did well, arcing a few times.  Turn 3 I got the Immortals and he got the Vendettas.  I dropped the Immortals behind his tac squad and lit them up, killing a few.  His first bike squad died to the warriors and assault from the Destroyer lord and Wraiths, who consolidated back for a second counter-charge.  The flyers dropped off their passengers who whiffed at trying to drop a barge with meltas.  The scarabs ended up getting shoot up, taking more damage from overwatch an being killed off by the command squad.  The destroyer lord and his friends took the second bike squad out.  Eventually my Destroyers were shot up.  The Barges were pretty tough, though a few failed charges helped keep them around.  Having them move 6 for the jink then shooting their twin-linked gun as the snapfir was pretty effective and tesla was awesome despite me only adding one hit instead of the two I sould have.  We ended up tying and he won with a tie breaker.

Game 2 was against a friend's Tau (the friend that lent me the barges ironically).  He had an Etheriial and a fireblade, 3 dual-flamer suits that we'd discussed a few weeks ago, a riptide, a railhead, a Skyray and a 2 suit railside unit, 2 Pathfinder squads with some Ion rifles, a Kroot sniper    squad and a bunch of Fire Warrior squads.  It was an objective mision and the trigonometry problem deployment.  I was marginally more maneuverable then him and my troops were tougher, but he had 6 scoring units to my 3.  My Destroyer Lord and friends moved up my left, eating everything they touched.  I took his pathfinders out pretty early and in return, he could not roll to do anything for 2 turns.  He took a bunch of shots at me but I think all he killed was a destroyer or two and some warriors.  The Crisis suits he expected so much from did basically nothing but die.  In all fairness his dice really hurt him, but I also think his lack of high strength firepower and mobility hurt, too.  He told me his first game was lost because of a chaos land raider with dirge casters he couldn't hurt after his hammerhead was gone and the lack of s6-7 guns again effected the game.  The mixed pathfinder squad also was a problem as they were trying to do too much...and they were dead early on.  In the end him having so many scoring units was his saving grace, but I ended up winning with secondary objectives.

Game 3 was against an old friend that I had never actually played against.  He had Dark Eldar.  He brought 2 ravagers...a flyer...several warrior squads in archon with Incubi in a Venom and some cc unit on foot (wracks maybe?) with a hemon..hoemon...the guy that comes with a pain token.  He had me easily out-maneuvered and he made good use of it.  He was on top of me in no time and did a lot of damage.  I still didn't give up and neither did my one Lord of Doom.  Yes a Lord, not Overlord or Destroyer Lord.  I had a Lord that not only wouldn't die but wouldn't stop killing.  He took out 2 Raiders and their contents in combat.  At the end of the game him and the Destroyer Lord were all that was left.

Whew...that was a lot.  So what did I learn?  Well, first Scarabs are not that useful anymore.  Sure Entropic Strike is cool, but with armor becoming rare, they just didn't do much but die.  ON the other side, the Annihilation Barge is AWESOME.  I have to get one or two.  The other thing I see is while foot squads are more viable then before, there's still something to say for having mobility.  I'd wand some Ghost Arks or even better a few Necron flyers to ride around in.  They have that sweet arcing Tesla gun from the barges so they'll be good and killy as well as getting me where I need to go.  The flyers are too expensive so I'll be looking at scratch-building them, but that's the plan for this list.

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