Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cloaking Device Activated...

Today I bring a simple how-to from a most mediocre  I tweeted this guy last week and got some positive feedback, so I figured I'd give away some of my trade secrets on how I did it...

Step 1: Paint your stealth suits in your chosen color scheme (in my case Codex Grey and Mechrite Red) and apply a generous black wash.  This is the "shrouded" part.
Step 2: Decide how far along the field has been activated on each model and paint a jagged white line across the point where you want the shroud to end.  Paint it uniformly across panels and gaps and make it look random.  It's supposed to be an energy field spreading across, so make it look as such.
Step 3:
Now go back and paint the unshrouded part in your base colors again so they are brighter.
Step 4:
Finally, to make the white line look more like arcing energy, add a thinner line of blue inside the white.  Again, make it jagged.  And there you have it.  Adding a little more fun to your stealthsuits.


  1. Hey man!
    It's Dave Simpson, from Gamers on Games ( ). We met briefly a few weeks ago while Rich Galati and I were playing HEAVY GEAR BLITZ at The Gamer's Realm. Told ya I'd get in touch with you, and that's exactly what I'm doing! :-). Look me up, we should stay in touch, maybe do a few projects together ;-)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Absolutely. I'd love to do a few joint projects. I may be down at the realm for June's tournament.