Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

Another year is over so it's time again for my year review.  This was an interesting year that brought us 3 new army books, a new White Dwarf format and a new ruleset for 40k.  while it was a bit slow model-wise, it was an interesting ride...so here we go.

January - The year started with the release of the Vampire Counts and already I'm torn.  On one hand, they had some fantastic models (overpriced, but that's how GW rolls) and some needed revisions to an army that needed some adjusting.  Now that its been out a year I have to say, Ihave the same problem I always did...too much dies and I can bring too little of it back.  Still it's a balanced book with multiple valid choices and a good release.  January also brought us the beginning of a series of rules for playing civil war battles for fantasy in White Dwarf.  This was a big year for White Dwarf, but we'll get to that later...

February - No real releases this month...it was a lord of the waste of plastic month.  It also was the 25th anniversary of 40k.  I owned my store during the fantasy silver anniversary.  GW sent me all sort of cool stuff to decorate the store and giveaways.  Yeah they didn't do any of that.  There was a small blurb in White Dwarf and a failcast model, but that was about it.

March - March came in with a wolf...well the long awaited 2nd wave of Space Wolves and the VERY long awaited Tyranids.  GW loves to strike when the iron's frozen over by a glacier and people have long-since found alternates.  Still, the models were up to the standard we've expeted from GW plastic.  They still do that very well and these models were no exeption.

April - Fantasy is making up for the slow release schedule they had the last 18 months by releasing the Empire.  I'll say the moost surprising thing about this book is that it's written by Robin Cruddace.  Yes the twisted mind that gave us the overpowered IG and the underpowered nids actually wrote a capable, balanced book.  They came with a few new kits, some great new units...and a few not so great...and most importantly, a flexible book.  I always say the best books are ones that can generate several capable lists that have little in common and the Empire does this well.  April also brought us the all new paint range.  They vastly expanded the color palate and added new paint types.  I've used a few and they do the trick very well.

May - May gave us the Necron 2nd wave.  Yes, a second wave can come in under a year for someone oher then dark eldar (yes I know you waited 12 years, but you're also on your 6th wave and there are 5 year old books that still haven't gotten a second).  Typical packaging and priicing issues, but otherwise they were a good release.

June -The Summer of Flyers!  Yes, it was real...it was just really late.  Thiis month we saw new flyer kits for Orks, Necrons and Space Marines.  The Orks and SM were all-new units too.  We got some explanations on how these things work on the 40k table, but this was really filler until...

July - 6th Edition!  Flyers, allies, overwatch, wound allocation...where do I start.  Honestly, bthis point I had lost interest in 40k...Fantasy was far more balanced then 5th edition towards the end (are you playing IG or Grey Knights?  You win) but 6th went a long way to brng back balance.  Of course there are all new broken things, but the new edition has promise and time will tell how it holds up in the next 4 years.

August - brought new Demon units, rues tewaks to existing units and some models.  Finally all the core/troop options are available in plastic.  Also, White Dwarf had the rules so, yeah it may be more then a $9 catalog.

September - Once again, GW brings anamazing starter box this month with Dark Vengeance.  You get a generous amount of kits that are of decent quality considering they're designed to be simple.  This edition marks the last time I buy the big rule book...it's a better buy to get the small book and all the extra models for $20 more.

October - Chaos Space Marines.  The first 6th ed book.  It's great, balanced and pretty capable...but really it's not a huge change from the old one.  Still its balanced, so Grey Knights was a fluke, not the new insanely overpowered norm.  We ust have to wait until they and the IG get pulled back.  October also brought a new White Dwarf  team and an entrely new magazine.  In typical fashion,tis came with a price increase, but it's been good so far and shows promise.

November - Finally, after over 4 years, the Warriors of Chaos get their second wave and with it, 2 new cavalry units.  Now while tis is a good thing...I play Tzeenttch Warriors so us and the Nurgle Warriors guys got nothing.  Theyre is also finally a warshrine model, but I have no intention of replacing the ktbashes I have planned for next year.  November also saw me reaching my last hobby goal for the year as an open casting call by Deepstrike Radio led me to cameo on a podcast.  Unfortunately half of my recording didn't make it to the interwebs, but it was great fun and I'd love to do it again.  Any of the many shows I listen to looking for some random East coast insanity, let me know.

December - The Hobbit came out in theaters and with it, more wastes of plastic.  Hopefully when these movies are done, GW will let their contract expire and get back to the real games they make.

This was a good year, with 40k getting new rules, fantasyy getting a few new armies and White Dwarf getting a make-over.  With 9th edition of fantasy not due to 2014, next year should see several new  armies for both systems.  It should be a good year for everyone...but my wallet.

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