Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back Again

Yes, I'm back after an unintentional summer off.  6th edition came out, Orkfest was a month ago and I just couldn't think of anything to talk about.  So here's a little update of the last 2 months.

In the last few months I've done work on my Empire army, which is nearly playable.  I'm up to my 40 Swordsmen, I did my 20 Greatswords and I finished Volkmar and the War Altar.  I probably won't use them much, but that's a great model so I went for it.  I got a foot Warrior Priest, too so I'll get some use from it still.

On the 40k front, July was Orkfest which was a blast.  This year we went back to unlimited points, one super-heavy but 45 minute turns so we had to plan accordingly.  A few players did not do so which was a bit of an issue, but we had fun.  Having won a Titan from Scratch Built 40K, I had to bring my chaos.  I ended up on the Ork side.  Funny it's called Orkfest, but we had almost as many CSM players as Orks.  Our side ended up losing slightly, but we won our table.  I ended up with an Ork on my left flank and a wall on my right.  We fought over the two objectives against Space Wolves for the game, but in the end, I had a rhino of Plague Marines near our 2 point objective and I managed to support my green friend with a demon prince assault to clear Bjorn off the 1 point objective as he ran some boys up to claim it.  It was great and I can't wait until next year...though I don't know what army I'll bring.

Unfortuantely, that was the extent of my gaming but between busy summer weekends and the fact that I play in my dining room, which is not air-conditioned I rarely get many games in during the warmer months.  My "local" store (it's only an hour away) stopped doing tournaments a few months back, but when I was there for Orkfest, I talked to the staff who said they do plan on bringing back both 40K and Fantasy tournaments and I'm in for both.  I'm not a very competative person, but since I so rarely get to play, I jump at the opportunity to play 3 games in a day.

So there's my summer.  As I move into the fall, I hope to get more ganes in, finish my Empire and start my Warriors.  Of course with CSM and WoC rumored to be the next books, I'll have no shortage of things to spend money on.

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