Friday, July 15, 2011

Armies 101 part 3: Demons

The run-down continues, though slightly delayed.  After a weekend trip to war at Gettysburg and a new tactic to find a full-time job, the last 2 weeks just disappeared.  Still here we are and the army examinations continue.  We continue with the newest army to hit the shelves, the Demons of Chaos. 

What to say about Demons?  They are an in-your-face army.  There is some shooting, and what's there is pretty good but this is mostly a choppy army.  Like CSM before them, there are 4 flavors and similarities between them.  Nurgle are tough as nails and slow, Tzeentch are the masters of magic and the source of shooting, Slaanesh are fast and the only source of grenades (and plastic boobies) and Khorne is all about power weapons and brute force.  They have some nasty tricks and cool gear they can take.  Also, this army is another one that is becoming more and more plastic, though if the metal mid-sized models get re-done beware of more finecrap and plan accordingly.  You have the option of bringing up to 4 HQ units which is pretty cool and you can bring plenty of MC's if that's more your taste (and these have Invul saves...sorry Tyranids).  Actually the whole army has invulnerable saves which can be fun.  It's pretty nice to always have a save.  All in all it's a pretty cool army.

Now the didn't think this would be all chaotic roses did you?  First, the entire army deep-strikes.  Half of it will only come in off reserves which makes it unpredictable.  Deep-striking can also add a challenge tactically for a new player.  As I said, this army is big on charging which they are unable to do when they drop in, so having to plan for that adds another strategic challenge for the new player.  Finally there's the problem of the Grey Knights.  GW in all their wisdom took a mid-tier army and then built an army to ensure it will almost always win against them.  Knights are built to kill Demons and they do it well, so don't expect to go undefeated against the newest Inquisition forces.  As I said they are a cool army, but not one I reccomend for a new player.

Affordability: B.  Some of the more effective elites are still expensive.  Plague Bearers will cost a fortune.  The bigger demons are pricey and there are still some gaps that will need creatiive modelling for things like heralds.

Tactics: Choppy.  There is some shooting to be done, and some of it works very well, but this is an army that really wants to get into the mix quickly.

Useless Unit: Beasts of Nurgle.  Slow.  Expensive.  Ineffective.  They take up a slot that has MUCH better choices available.

Final Grade: D.  This is a tough army to play and the fact that there is a very popular army out there that is tailored to kill you doesn't help.  They're tricky until you really know how to use them and more then a basic understanding of the rules helps.  Plus, let's be honest, when they came out a Fantasy Demons army was also written that was and remains VERY effective and the 40K demons seem an afterthought that was not fully polished before coming out.  Then the Grey Knights came out and gave a big reason to leave the demons on the shelf.

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