Thursday, June 9, 2011


After a year of preparation and waiting for the fun it's once again time for Orkfest at the Gamer's Realm in beautiful West (or possibly East)Windsor NJ.  I went last year with my Chaos and this event was what gave me the desire to finally get my own Orks done.  A year and a lot of boys later I had done it.  A Grotsnik list (Yeah I discovered I love him...more later) and my Goff Klawstompa were joining the Green side right an' proppa.  The turnout was pretty small this year.  We had about 15 or just under half of last year's participants.  Still it was a day of gaming with some old friends and a few new ones (thanks Rich for helping me get the hang of my greenskins).  The "Imperial" side ended up getting the two Chaos players this year and we picked up Necron and Tyranid allies.  The Non-Ork leader ended up not coming so my buddy Alex (ironically a Chaos player) commanded the Imperial forces.  The stage was set for a day of WAAAGH!

Boy's eye view after set-up

Aerial shots of my line provided by the Bad Yearz Blimp

The fight was across 6 tables with every other one set long-wise (-|-|-|).  The far right table was the beach-head for reinforcements should any player arrive late, but none did.  The next table held some Imperials facing off against the bugs and tin-heads.  The next long table was vacant and was my right flank with Chaos Marines and Blood angels ahead of me and Rich's Orks deployed off my left flank.  We were set up for a good fight.  I put my boys up front with my deffcoptas in a position to make a decent scout move and my bikes on my right.  My Klawstompa and Grotsnik's nobs went into reserve.  I had flank march, but ended up bringing everything on off my deployment zone.  We had a good game ahead of us.  The roll was made for first turn by our generals and we lost it.  The Chaos and Angels across from us began to move and we prepared for the onslaught.

Surprise!  Weedy Humie git.

As the first movement phase continued, a Baneblade, 3 Leman Russes and 2 Land Raiders with Ogryns appeared on my right flank and behind me.  Some weedy git on the Imperial side had some way to come in off any board edge turn 1 and now our table was a 6000 on 9000 point dead zone.  First turn I ended up losing the deffcoptas and a goos chunk of 2 of my 3 boys squads.  I expected to lose more, and that's where Grotsnik's Cybork really shone.  My boys were pretty durable and honestly without the invul, I'd have been close to tabled right then and there.  My Bikes got assaulted by the Ogryns and we slowly whittled each other away over the next 2 combat phases.

     Things were looking not so good going into turn 2, when it occured to me that I have a big squad of foot nobs with Grotsnik waiting to come in and 4 Russes and a Baneblade that haven't moved this turn all lined up by a table edge.  I strung them out to hit the tanks startegically and ended up wrecking 2 russes, severly disarming the other two and immobilizing, stunning the template gun crews and taking 2 structure points off the Baneblade.  In combat my remaining slugga boys did something truly stupid in grand Orky fashion.  I pumped 3 rokkits into a Chimera, blowing it up and killing enough of my boys squad to force a check...which they failed twice and ran off the board.  It may not have been the best tactical decision but dammit it was Orky.  My Biker Warboss (the only remaining Bike left) charged across the table and managed to wedge between two Vindicators, doing damage to both bot not able to wreck either.  At this point all I had left was about 14 shoota boys, the Nobs and the Warboss.

At this point the objectives changed.  Now the super-heavies were the targets and here I was looking at one about to be shredded by power klaws and another across the board that hadn't moved and my Klawstompa was coming in next turn.  The Blood Angels player had another one, but knowing the Stompa was coming he didn't give me any opening to come on and hit it so I brought it in in the middle of our lines hoping to throw a Russ or two around.  He ended up having to deal with a squad of something with Storm Shields (I have no idea what codex he was using because his army had all sorts of things in it I've never seen)  ON the other flank, Grotsnik comes through and rips up the Baneblade.  Even better it didn't explode.  At this point things were starting to wrap up.  Technically the Stompa took fire, but we didn't get a last turn and people were pack,ing so I don't know if it counted.  Still, like every Orkfest, we won.  Orks always win.  So I leave you with my favorite piece:  Captain K'ork of the Orkerprise.
Live long and Orky.

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