Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Money money money Money...MMOONNEEYY

I think by now everyone's heard about this year's anal annual gouging from our friendly neighborhood game company.  I typically don't bitch too much about GW's prices, but after the events of the past few days, I have to chime in with a rant.  Things may get violent...Oh, and I'm from New Jersey so language of a "Sopranos" style may emerge...you have been warned.

Now GW has been steadily increasing prices the past few years and we've taken it largely because we have to.  This year they may have gone too far.  Now this all started with rumors that they were ending production of metal models and the panic began.  People speculated what they'd replace it with and finally the announcement came with "Citadel Finecast"...a way to re-introduce all the old models with new price-tags and as direct-only.  Now today the news breaks that these will indeed be resin models, as many have suspected.  Today also brought some prices, both for the finecast and the regular stuff. 

First the new resin got a healthy jump in price.  Now this is no surprise since they needed to make new molds and GW likes to believe it will take 20 years to pay them off (don't believe me?  why are Termies $50 when those models are 2 editions old)  Also these are likely going to be direct only so discount retailers may not be an option.  Again a stupid idea since GW ends up making money wether they sell it directly or they sell it to a retailer.  Sure they make more if it comes from them, but when people can't afford their prices how much arey they earning while that over-priced resin is collecting dust in your warehouse?  Anyway, lets move on to the main line prices.  Lets hit a few key items, shall we?

Space Marine Vindi/Pred/WW(do people even buy these anymore?) $44.50 to $49.50...a $5 raise or 11%
All Land Raiders $62.00 to $66.00...a $4 raise or 4%

Wasn't it a few years ago we were paying 50 bucks for a land raider and now the same $50 buys a fucking Whirlwind?  When was the last time anyone even used a Whirlwind?  Moving along...

Books are going up an average of $3.  Battalions/Battleforces are increasing anywhere from $10-30.  A few pieces are going up by a whopping quarter...why ease up after the next one has forced itself so far up our collective asses...

Vampire Counts Grave Guard and Lizardmen Temple Guard-  $33.00 to $41.25  Thats $8.25 or a 25 % increase.  what.  the.  fuck. 

I;m not going to keep analysing each line, but the average is a 22% ass-raping.  This just a few month after GW was bitching that sales were below expectations.  Hey GW...THATS BECAUSE WE CAN'T AFFORD YOUR SHIT!  I mean isn't that the best solution when you want to increase sales?  Price yourselves out of your own market?  That's what I'd do for sure if I want to be out of business in a few years.

And there it is.  Don't get me wrong, I love GW's products, their models and let's face it their games are just better.  There are some new kids out there, but they just aren't as good.  Warmahordes just seems dull and I think they call it "malefaux" because it's a faux game.  Some people dig them and good on you, but nothing's really drawn me in like GW.  Firestorm Armada intrigues me, but first no one here plays it yet and second I don't see it going to the scope 40k and Fantasy have.  Still, I fear for GW's future.  I see a company that's being poorly managed and is slowly but steadily losing their share in a market that they've spent the last few decades dominating.  They're a dinosaur and if they don't learn to adapt and realize that the better way to increase revenue is to increase sales, not raise prices and thus decrease sales.

I will never buy GW retail again if I can pull it off...It's discount retailers for me...who's with me?


  1. One thing, JJ,

    They aren't using resin, rather a resin-plastic mixture that will allow them to reuse their current molds. it also allows them to reuse mistake casts, unlike resin. On top of all that, it costs significantly less to use than metal.


  2. True. And yet another reason why a 20% price gouge is completly uncalled for and just seems suicidal for a company that is supposedly trying to improve sagging sales.