Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My take on the Fry Basket

In the beginning there was a Blood Angel Codex...a real one with pages and a binding and everything...and it was good (for BA players anyway). But as has been the norm for GW recently there were units with no model, no description and no pictures. Ask Tyranid players how that works...that's almost every new unit in their book. It's a modellers dream and nightmare at once. They can do what they want, but have no guidelines...how big is too big? How small is too small? what happens to my scratch-build if GW makes an official model? These were big issues for people who wanted to field this big guy, but GW had a plan...a new model was in the making and a few months this picture was leaked. Yes, the Stormraven was apparently this monstrosity. The Flying Fry Basket in all its glory. I've had time to look at it and consider it and I still am amazed by it. Looks like they got a Thunderhawk and its sister Valkyrie hammered. They had a wild night and nature took its unholy course. Then the Valkyrie drank a lot during the pregnancy and the resultant inbred retarded mutant offspring that this union produced was called "Stormraven".

Then a few weeks ago this second pic surfaced. It looks marginally better and may even be worth the likely $60 price tag. There have been comments that they improved it...that GW made a model look better and even that they listened to the comments after the leaked picture hit, but lets be honest here, huh? This is THE SAME MODEL! Yes it looks better at this angle but it's also missing a few parts. The B-24-esque ball-turret doesn't have the guns or clear parts..the cockpit isn't there and the front weapons haven't been mounted, but it's still the flying fry basket and it's probably coming with the newly announced Grey Knights in April.
Oh yeah, GW announced the Grey Knights are coming in April. Pretty cool that I can cover months-old news and finish with yesterday's announcement, huh?

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  1. My favorite nickname that I have heard for this ugly piece of crap is the Choderaven.