Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Webcasts part 2

A bit back I ran down a few webcasts that I listen to regularly. Since then, I've added a few so they get the same treatment...

The Independent Characters -I just started listening to these guys following the appearance of one of the hosts, Carl, on Imperial Vox Cast. So far I like what I hear. They will analyse strategy and tactics more then just read the codex (like a certain mediocre former show...) and they have a good on-air chemestry. If there's one thing I don't like about them so far its that I can't download the show directly from the Zune Marketplace.

The 11th Company - This one is interesting. The show's format is different from most as it seems to be recorded in pieces during the week and editided together. They combine tactics with interviews, though I usually skip the interviews as they rarely talk to people I care about. It's possible to do a show without mentioning Adepticon every 5 minutes and interviewing everyone from the organizers to the janitor that vaccumed the hall afterward, right? Not that I have anything against Adepticon, but i'm never going to it so I could give a damn and everyone seems obsessed with it. There was the con run by The War Store here in NJ that I could have gone to, but no one seems to be covering that...ok, back to the topic. They just finished doing a ranking and rundown of every army, and while they did get a few things wrong (Space Marines are at very best a mediocre army and definately the weakest 5th ed book) it was a good breakdown. What I found interesting is when they talk about certain tactics. When covering the IG they regarded the Infantry Platoon as something you'll never see, when it is quite the opposite. I thought they got things like that mixed up a lot until I realized that what I was hearing was an insight into a completly different local meta then I was used to. All the other shows I listen to seem to have players similar to my local game scene, but these guys don't. It's pretty interesting to hear about the game from such a different perspective...and if that's their opinion, I'm pretty sure I could destroy them should we ever happen to get a game, but it's cool to hear about the game from a fresh perspective.

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  1. Thanks for the compliments! We are working on the Zune listing by the way =D

    I have submitted it twice now - with no response. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or they are just slow to respond.